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One of the aspects of our practice that we pride ourselves on is our desire to get to know each of our patients. Prevention is the best medicine and routine dental care is really a lot more complex than it may seem.

It is recommended that you visit a dentist every 6 months to exam/monitor the overall health of your teeth and gums. This way any problems that may be discovered can be treated effectively and quickly. If problems are left untreated then they can get worse. While it is recommended that dentists examine your teeth at least twice a year, we tailor care around individual needs to promote optimal oral health for every person we see.

You can expect a dentist to do several things during your appointment:

  • Examine the health of your teeth and gums
  • Conduct a small x-ray of your teeth if required
  • Treat any minor problems
  • For more complex issues that require more time, you may be booked for a follow-up, or referred to another specialist

Our Customer Reviews

Always a great experience.Visiting Andesha regularly for hygienist appointments. Arrived in "quite a state" the first time, and worked together on improving my situation, including my habits. Massive change, I'm feeling comfortable with this first time in my adult life.She always does an amazing job, she was also extremely flexible squeezing me in the schedule when it was an urgency. If you are looking for a hygienist, I would highly recommend.Special shoutout for the assistants and the reception team as well. Very friendly, polite and professional team. Thanks for looking after me!
I have had a great experience at the Notting Hill Dental Clinic. All staff are excellent, I have been looked after by Andesha who is highly skilled, professional, kind and with great communication skills. I would high recommend this clinic.
Very professional and helpful staff. I loved my treatment. Really recommend it.
I had my Invisalign treatment here with Doctor Michael Fahami and I am extremely happy about the results but also the service overall! Sinem at the reception is lovely and always available for questions. The doctor is absolutely great, always available for questions or doubt and very clear in the directions he gives. And finally, I did have also couple of appointments with two different hygienists and I can only recommend having your teeth checked and cleaned here! They gave me very good tips on how to prevent damage to gums and teeth! So overall, I think this is the first time I can say I actually liked going to the dentist 😂
I had a fantastic Invisalign experience with Dr Fahami, Dr Roxana and the team at Notting Hill Dental Clinic. From my first appointment it was evident that Dr Fahami was very knowledgeable and experienced. His informative approach was what made me feel assured that I was in good hands. Having now finished my treatment, I am incredibly happy with the end result and would highly recommend the treatment at the clinic. Una at reception was also exceptional, always kind and efficient.Whilst my treatment was ongoing, I also needed to have an urgent root canal. What I had initially expected to be a daunting procedure, Dr Dara made it so seamless and efficient with very little discomfort involved.Thank you!
I am thrilled after an extremely positive Invisalign treatment and experience at the Notting Hill Dental Clinic - not only are the results everything I hoped for(!), but the staff are extremely professional, lovely and went out of their way to be helpful and kind, on more than one occasion. I couldn't recommend their services more.
I really happy of my invisaling treatment here. Receptionist services was really nice, doctor too and finally my teeth looking so good.
I have just completed my Invisalign treatment and I am delighted with the results. From the front of house staff through to Michael himself they run a tight ship even during these difficult last couple of years. If you are contemplating Invisalign I would highly recommend this as your first port of call. It took me many years to finally take the plunge (after researching many providers) and at the age of 44 I only wish I had done this sooner. I did not think it would be possible to have this end result, my teeth are not only naturally straight but my gums and teeth are in better health than when I went in.Many thanks to all the team at Notting Hill Dental clinic.Great job!
I had a very good experience at NDC with Dr Fahami. My Invisalign case was quite complex but the whole process from start to finish was incredibly smooth and straightforward. The practice staff is always very helpful and accommodating as well. I had regular check ins to make sure everything was on track and I am super pleased with the final end result.
Great results with my Invisalign treatments. Great service and very friendly staff. 5/5 stars from me
Am extremely happy with my Invisalign experience so far. It has been an easy process and they are very organised 🙂
Professional and friendly. Loved the 3D scanning process so you can see what the results are before you commit. Mine came out exactly as I was promised. Have recommended to friends.
Invisalign treatment has been exactly what I was looking for. It has changed my smile and increased my confidence 100%. Notting hill dental clinic have been professional, honest, accommodating and most of all friendly and forthcoming. I am extremely grateful to all the staff especially to Dr Fahami. Although the above is true the receptionist did ask me to write a five star review for in return for whitening gel which was never given to me. So most of the reviews will be probably be of the same nature.
Great dental clinic and great team. Dr Fahami and his team are very professional and will consider all aspects of your Invisalign journey to give you the best results. The staff team at reception are lovely, organised and always helpful.Very satisfied with my treatment and would highly recommend for anyone looking into Invisalign options and other dental treatments
I've just finished my treatment and I am happy with the results. The experience was good and team very helpful and accomodating with fitting in appointments and answering any queries. I would definately recommend the service.
Great Invisalign treatment with Dr. Fahami. Everyone there was very nice and professional. Would recommend!
Great experience with my invisalign with Doctor Michael Fahami , he was very nice to work with as well as the lovely friendly receptionists
I've had a great invisalign plan with Dr. Fahami.They are great professionals, both arches of my teeth were aligned as planned, and would 100% recommend for an easy-to-follow invisalign plan.As it was during the pandemic, that added to making it very easy to follow the plan, and reach the desired results.If you want to align your teeth stress free and under the supervision of great doctors, this is the place to come.
I have been attending the dental practice since moving to London four years ago and have been very happy with the service and staff, from a tooth filling to Invisalign treatment. Dr. Michael is very knowledgeable and will answer all questions regarding the treatment options and timing, highly recommend!
I have just finished my invisalign treatment and I am really pleased with the results. The process were easy and everyone at the practice is lovely. I would definitely recommend.
Just finished my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Michael and he has been very, supportive and professional. I would recommend him as he is very kind, helpful and definitely knows what he does!
Just finished my treatment with Dr Michael, I'm so pleased with the results! I'm amazed. I would also make special mention of Una, Brenda and Sinem who were always extremely polite, and helped me get appointments around my busy schedule. Hygienist were extremely patient, they knew I didn’t like the dentist and took there time with me. Throughout the process they told me what to expect and keep me at ease. Overall a great team.
I had Invisalign with Dr Michael Fahami at Notting Hill Dental Clinic and couldn’t be happier. Michael was so friendly, thorough, and precise throughout the process.Really happy with the results and very pleased I chose Notting Hill Dental Clinic for my treatment.
Really happy with the results! Fantastic dental clinic and great customer experience. Thank you
Great Invisalign treatment experience with Micheal, highly recommended.
I contacted the clinic as I was interested in the Invisalign treatment, because I had quiet a large gap between the upper teeth, plus the bottomTeeth were not straight anymore.I realised straight away that I was in good hands with Dr. Fahani, and it took just over 9 months to get my teeth perfectly straight again.I am extremely happy with the result, a big thanks to Dr Fahani and the lovely staff at the clinic.
I’ve just completed my 6-month Invisalign treatment with superb results. The staff made the whole experience very pleasurable and I experienced no issues or misunderstandings whatsoever. Very professional service delivered as agreed. Totally recommend Notting Hill Dental Clinic!
Invisalign product worked great and the Dental Clinic was always very helpful, polite, and efficient.
Very good service. Extra shoutout to receptionist Sinem who were very service-minded after speaking on the phone when I had wisdom tooth ache. She were very proactive in helping me find an available time within hours although everything was fully booked.
I've had an excellent experience at the Notting Hill Dental Clinic.I have just completed my 10-month Invisalign treatment and Michael, Brenda and the team have always created such a positive service at every visit. I always felt well informed and looked after during this special time and am so happy with the outcome of my teeth. Would highly recommend!
I have been going to this dentist for about 8+years and I really like the staff , they are so friendly and attentive . This office takes the time to listen to all concerns which is a rare these day so if you’re looking for a good dentist give them a call and tell them Angela sent you.
I'm very pleased with my Invisalign results. I only wish I'd done this sooner in my life!
Invisalign treatment with Notting Hill Dental Clinic has been fantastic and I am very pleased with the results.Brenda, Dr Fahami and the team have all been fantastic. They are all super professional and happy to offer help and advice when needed.I would definitely recommend the clinic for Invisalign and overall dental health!
I've just finished my Invisalign treatment with Notting Hill Dental Clinic and I am extremely pleased with the results.Dr Fahami and his team have been great over the last couple of years. They were super professional and happy to extend/tweak my treatment as and when needed.I wouldn't hesitate to use the clinic again!
Dr Fahami and the whole team at NHDC were so welcoming and helpful. I am so pleased with how my teeth turned out! I would definitely recommend the practice.
I have had a great experience with Notting Hill Dental Clinic. I have just completed my Invisalign programme and the results are amazing. Michael did a great job putting together my treatment plan as my teeth needed significant correction.At no point did I feel pressured to go ahead and, throughout, the treatment was very professional. All my concerns and questions were answered and I felt very confident in their approach. I would also make special mention of Brenda, the clinic manageress, who is very efficient and lovely to deal with.Highly recommended. Very happy customer.
Good clinic, friendly and knowledgable staff. Very happy with my Invisalign result!
I have had a fantastic experience at Notting Hill Dental Clinic with Michael and his team! After consulting two other dentists before undergoing my Invisalign treatment, I have thankfully come across Notting Hill Dental Clinic which offered a very high quality service at a very competitive price, while being surrounded by really approachable, friendly and knowledgeable people. I couldn't be happier with the result and I would highly recommend this to everybody! A special thank to Michael and Brenda!
Just finished my Invisalign Lite and after 4 months my teeth are straight and aligned! Other orthodontists in London did not think Invisalign Lite could fix my teeth but Dr Fahami trusted that it's possible and here I am loving my new smile. Great service, communication and support from start to finish - both from Brenda in reception, to all the nurses and Dr Fahani himself. Thank you all for such great experience, which I highly recommend.
After 8 months, I've just finished my Invisalign treatment with Michael at the Notting Hill Dental Clinic and I am very pleased with the result. The treatment, service, staff & clinic are perfectly clean, helpful & professional. I would definitely recommend to get your treatment there.
I can’t rate Notting Hill Dental clinic enough. After getting a couple of quotes for both braces and Invisalign I had decided that I couldn’t afford it and was ready to give up - thankfully I decided to come in for a consultation with Notting Hill Dental!From the outset, Brenda was incredibly helpful in arranging my appointment and answering my (many!) questions. My consultation with Michael put me at ease, compared to others he talked me through an example of what my treatment might look like (which I hadn’t had before) and I was really reassured that he wanted me to know what I was getting and what outcome I could hope for before I committed. I was also pleasantly surprised that the quote I got for Invisalign comprehensive was significantly cheaper than the quotes I had elsewhere. Notting Hill Dental also teamed up with Klarna so I was able to look at taking out 0% finance as well.Brenda took so much time to talk me through my scans when I first received them and (again!) answered my unending questions well.I had my Invisalign over covid and the fact that the team have remained lovely, helpful and willing to answer questions and concerns has been incredible. My final results look identical to the model that I saw at the start and everyone in the practice seemed genuinely invested in my outcome and really pleased for me which was also just so heartwarming and really lovely.I can’t recommend this place highly enough!
Very happy with my Invisalign Treatment. Dr. Fahami, Brenda and team are friendly, professional and patience.
Had Invisalign correction done and I’m so happy about treatment, service and professionalism of the staff clinic, 5 star are not enough. Thank you!!
Notting Hill Dental Clinic excelled from start to finish with my Invisalign treatment. Everything was explained in perfect detail and nothing seemed too much trouble for the team. The whole team are especially friendly and helpful, couldn’t recommend them enough! Thank you NHDC!
I had my Invisalign treatment done with Dr. Michal.Even if he could’ visit me, due to Covid, Dr. Michal followed my treatment and ensured everything was going well-we did this over emails and pictures of the progress. Brenda, the clinic manager, has always been very helpful as well.I did some researches before booking with Notting Hill dental clinic and the prices are very competitive as well! On my latest appointment , I can confirm that they take security measures seriously as well..I highly recommend the clinic to everyone!
The practice was very modern and clean and Dr Fahami was very professional, knowledgeable and honest about the whole procedure so I knew exactly what to expect and how to achieve the best results.
Very pleased with my invisilign results, would highly reccomend. Brenda is very welcoming and professional and Dr Michael certainly knows what he's talking about when it comes to teeth.
Very friendly and professional throughout the invisalign process. Would happily recommend.
I have just completed my Invisalign treatment at the Notting Hill Dental Clinic and I cannot praise Dr Fahimi, Brenda and all the team for their professional, caring, polite and friendly manner during this time. Dr Fahimi is very patient and explains in great detail what the treatment involves and what I should expect at the end of the journey but he doesn’t oversell , he just provides the facts and the vision. The results in fact surpassed my expectations and I cannot thank Dr Fahimi enough for the outcome, particularly when looking at the before and after images: it is an unbelievable result. Every visit was a pleasure and I have never said that about visiting a dentist before! Thanks to all for changing my smile. I cannot recommend NHDC highly enough – it must be the “go to” clinic.
I'm very impressed with the results from my invisalign treatment, it was better than I expected. Dr. Fahami provided a high level of expertise and great at explaining the details of my treatment. Brenda was so helpful and friendly. Thank you Notting Hill Dental clinic, I highly recommend this clinic!
Very happy with my Invisalign treatment. The team was friendly, professional and made my experience feel safe and enjoyable every step of the way, and Dr. Michael Fahami was patient, informative and very thorough. Very happy with my results!
had such a good experience with the clinic- thank you Dr. Amini and Brenda for my Hollywood smile!
Dr Fahami and the team are awesome - really helpful and effective. Invisalign treatment went even better than I hoped and exactly as I was told in the consultation.
Everyone was very professional and friendly throughout the process. They also have well thought out and safe COVID-19 measures in place which was reassuring. Really happy with my Invisalign treatment!
Great dental clinic. Professional & friendly. Really happy with the treatments that my son and I have received. Can highly recommend.
I really enjoyed my experience with this clinic and invisalign. My teeth are perfectly straight at the end of the treatment. Brenda must be the most welcoming person I have ever known, always smiling. Dr Michael is a great dentist and very experienced with aligners. Highly recommended.
Invisalign treatment review.Fantastic, professional clinic. All of the team were incredibly friendly and supportive. They were happy to answer any questions I had before and throughout my treatment, making me feel comfortable throughout. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to have had treatment. Thank you all.
Great staff and great service.
The clinic is clean and modern. The staff are helpful, caring and very professional. Really happy with the service they provided. Thank you team @ Notting Hill Dental Clinic!
I have just completed an Invisalign treatment and I'm very pleased with the results. The process was very straightforward and well-explained by Dr Fahami. The professionalism and kindness of both Dr Fahami and Brenda made me feel I could trust them and I was right. They also had taken adequate and very thorough sanitary measures for appointments during the pandemic which was reassuring. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for an Invisalign treatment.
Just completed my Invisalign treatment at Notting Hill Dental Clinic, the level of care and attention (even during lockdown) was superb from both Dr. Fahami and the wonderful Brenda Abraham, certainly appreciated the detailed updates on the NHDC website in respect of lockdown working practices, in short, a very, very professional practice which I would highly recommend for Invisalign and any other dental issues.
Came here to have Invisalign. Overall a great experience, quick and efficient appointments and my teeth are now straight.Good location and clean clinic.
I would highly recommend this dental practice for Invisalign treatment. They provided an affordable service with excellent results. I am very happy with my treatment.
I had a great experience with my Invisalign treatment. Everyone at the clinic was friendly and happy to help. Dr Michael Fahami managed to do my treatment using Invisalign Lite and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend.
I have just completed my invisalign treatment at this clinic and am extremely happy with my results. I'm so glad I chose to come to Dr Fahami and the team as they are professional, patient and very thorough, I would highly recommend them. Any concerns or questions I had during my treatment were always answered promptly and honestly and I felt as though nothing was too much trouble. Thank you for a fantastic service.
Great service and fab pricing! The whole treatment was so great and my teeth now look amazing!! Def the place to go in the area!
It is a great clinic with a very nice staff. They care about you and your needs. Thanks to Notting HIll Dental Clinic I finally have the teeth I wanted for probably more than 30 years. I highly recommend this place. You will have a nice result and VIP treatment.
After several months of consultation visiting different dentist and orthodontist. I was so luck and came across an advert on Groupon for the Notting Hill Dental Clinic. The authenticity of Dr Michael Fahami and his professionalism quickly gave me the assurance, confidence to go ahead with my Invisalign treatment.I had scepticism at the beginning but to be honest I wish I much the team sooner. Thank you very much for giving me a great smile.
Great clinic with super friendly staff! Would definitely recommend!
I have just completed my Invisalign treatment at Notting Hill Dental Clinic and it has been amazing. I would not think twice about doing it again - the treatment was so professional, both Dr Fahami and Bredna have been so helpful and lovely. I have already recommenced this clinic to several colleagues and friends. Definitely worth it if you are considering the treatment!
Dr Fahami is extremely thorough and explained all the details of my treatment with me. I was very impressed with his practice which was extremely modern and clean. I am very happy with my results and would highly recommend.
Completed my invisalign journey. my teeth looks amazing. really happy with the results. Very friendly receptionist and the Doctor. Highly recommend for everyone.
I have just completed my Invisalign journey at the Notting Hill Dental Clinic and it has honestly been brilliant. They are very polite and understanding and have been nothing but professional. I've already recommended them to a colleague who is also progressing her own treatment! Not only do my teeth look great but I had every confidence in the team at the clinic to ensure this went as smooth as possible. 5 stars!
Helpful, friendly and attentive clinic! Very pleased with the Invisalign treatment I have received throughout. Couldn’t recommend enough!
My teeth look fantastic after my Invisalign treatment. Everyone at Notting Hill Dental was so friendly. They were also really patient with me and happy to give me extra aligners until I was 100% happy with the result. They even posted my retainer internationally for me as I was moving abroad.Great service!
I could not have been more impressed with my treatment at Notting Hill Dental Clinic! I was always given a warm welcome at the clinic and was seen to promptly at each appointment. The results from my Invisalign were better than I could have expected and this was definitely due to the great advice and attention to detail that I received! I would most certainly recommend getting Invisalign treatment with Notting Hill Dental Clinic.
Thank you to Micheal and Brenda. Very happy with the results after nine months with Invisalign braces- would recommend.
Amazing experience with Notting Hill Dental Clinic. Brenda is really professional and friendly which puts you at ease if you’re scared of dentists! And Dr. Fahami makes the whole process easy for patients and guides you through each step. I wish I’d got Invisalign sooner!
Excellent! The surgery is very well organised. The treatment is not painful and the result looks fantastic.
Very happy with the Invisalign treatment, only took 6 months for my teeth to be straightened. Very happy with the process and the professional treatment from the clinic. I had no problems at all and would definitely recommend Dr Fahami.
Dr Fahami and his team did an excellentInvisalign treatment. I’m really happy with the results! My teeth look visiblySo much better than before. I had midline drift and this is the perfect treatment to getting the teeth back in line! Thank you !
Super happy with the treatment and its result. Michael is great at patiently explaining the process, talking through options, and diligently making sure things runs smoothly. Brenda handles everything relating to management and administration and is super responsive and flexible. Thanks to both and the entire team for a very pleasant Invisalign experience!
I went to Nottinghill Dental Clinic for invisalign. I was sceptical at first, as I didn't think you could straighten teeth in 4 months time ( which was the time frame given by the wonderful Dr. Michael Fahami ).However, as soon as you walk into the Dental Clinic everyone is very welcoming and polite - from the receptionist to the Dr. All of my concerns have gone as my treatment has been very well explained.The treatment was pain-free and superbly executed by Dr. Michael Fahami.Now I've got straight teeth and a great smile after only 4 months.
Invisalign really works - 10 months on my teeth are totally straight. It was really stress-free and easy and Dr Fahimi is great, a real professional who gives you great confidence that he knows what he is doing. I shopped around a lot before committing to spend this amount of money (as it ain’t cheap) and I am very happy that I chose Notting Hill Dental Clinic. Highly recommended.
Such a great experience. Was effortless and painless for my whole treatment with Invisalign.
I am so glad I chose invisalign, it is discreet and only took 9 months to completely straighten my teeth. Very happy with the result and would highly recommend Notting Hill dental clinic, the staff were very professional and friendly. Thank you!
I am really happy with my result. Just after 8 months I have a Hollywood smile with my natural teeth.Dr. Michael Fahimi is very Professional and explains everything in detail.Brenda and the team at the Clinic are really nice.Overall, I would recommend Notting Hill Dental Clinic to everyone who is interested in having a perfect smile.Invisalign are a much better option than fixed braces.
Great results with Invisalign! Good service
Really high quality of service, very friendly and informative and and I’m very pleased with the outcome (I got Invisalign treatment) - would highly recommend
Brilliant customer service always helpful and great with the time keeping.
Great experience! I had Invisalign and couldn’t of asked for better results, my teeth were straight within 6 months! Dr Fahimi is really nice and professional. Would definitely recommend if you are thinking about getting Invisalign! 👍🏽
Dr Fahami is highly experienced and professional. He is always reassuringly calm and friendly, and happy to answer clearly any questions his patients might have. He is also a model of politeness and punctuality. The cabinet is spotlessly clean and kitted with the latest equipment. On a couple of occasions I had to reschedule my appointments, and Brenda has been always very helpful in finding solutions.
Great experience at the clinic. Happy with the Invisalign treatment. Very professional. Definitely recommend!
I've been very pleased by the stuff and Dr Fahami from the first moment I've entered the clinic. Everyone is very kind and professional. My treatment with Invisalign went very well all the way. It's been smooth, without any difficulties. I highly recommend to visit this clinic for treatments, you won't be disappointed ☺️. Thank you again to give me a wonderful smile.
Brilliant service from start to finish. I has invisalign braces there and so happy with the result. Thank you
Extremely happy with the treatment and the way my teeth look. Michael and Brenda are amazing and the quality of service I received at every visit was fantastic. Would highly recommend this clinic!
Choosing to get invisalign through Notting Hill Dental Clinic has been one of the best decisions i've ever made! The team are welcoming and professional, and i'm so happy with the transformation in my smile.
Highly recommend. Great overall experience, and friendly staff. The Invisalign process was quick and easy. Will continue to visit for routine cleaning and check-ups.
Great service from all staff and a lovely experience for my invisilign I couldn’t imagine better I’m so happy and highly recommend
I had an Invisalign consultation at another clinic before deciding to go with the Notting Hill Dental Clinic, and it was definitely the best decision! I've had an amazing experience here. After just about 5 months from my first consultation, I can finally see the end result of my Invisalign journey and I'm very happy with it. Brenda and Dr Fahami have been incredibly helpful, informative and accommodating, and I will definitely be coming back for dental checks and hygiene.
I had an Invisalign Treatment here over 10 month and Dr. Fahami has been very professional all the way and is just a very firendly man who made me feel like I was in good hands. It's a very personal clinic where you really get to know the team.
Excellent service beginning to end and I'm very happy with the final result. I spent a lot of time trying to find an invisalign provider, and I don't regret coming here. Dr Michael was so patient and made me feel at ease, and the rest of the staff were so wonderful as well.I would highly recommend Notting Hill Dental Clinic for your invisalign treatment.
Amazing team! Everything went according to the plan, no delays whatsoever. Very happy with the result, a great experience indeed! Michael, Brenda and the girls were very nice and patient and Invisalign works wonders 🙂 Highly recommend it!!!
After 3.5 month treatment I got great results, teeth look straight and I am completely satisfied. Great clinic, nice team, no complaints.
Top quality dental practice, had my invisalign treatment done here and couldn't be happier. Michael, Brenda and the rest of the staff are super polite and friendly. Great results. Highly recommended!
A great experience and a lovely team of people!
So pleased with the incredible results and in such a short space of time! The whole team were super professional and made me feel very comfortable from the start to the end of my treatment. And the clinic itself is lovely!Would definitely recommend.
I have had a great experience at Notting Hill Dental Clinic. I was a little nervous about the Invisalign process but Brenda and Dr. Michael Fahami made me feel at ease. The final results are lovely, I feel like I have got my smile back.
A great experience - Dr Fahami is extremely professional and friendly, whilst the rest of the staff could not have been more helpful. I am very pleased with my treatment and would definitely recommend this clinic.
Absolutely brilliant, excellent customer service excellent communication throughout and so impressed with the results of my teeth. Would highly recommend
A wonderful experience. Excellent staff, great service, and an immaculate practice. Could not recommend highly enough. I never thought I would be happy with my smile!!
I would highly recommend Notting Hill Dental clinic. I had my Invisalign treatment here. Dr Fahami and receptionist Brenda provide professional and friendly service from the start till the end of the treatment.Happy customer.
Honestly BEST EVER! Absolutely amazing, top class experience from start to finish at the Notting Hill Dental Clinic. Michael was brilliant, so helping and friendly, and without doubt the best dentist I've ever had. While Brenda on the front of house was always on hand and answered any questions needed. Would highly recommend & have already sent my friend who ask about my teeth as they were so impressed. Thank you to the whole team.
I had Invisalign to realign my teeth that had moved from having braces on the NHS 10 years ago, the treatment was brilliant, and everyone there was incredibly friendly and helpful. highly recommend!
Thank you so much! I have got the smile I wanted and all my requests and concerns were listened to. Very professional and welcoming.
I was very pleased with the service received from Notting Hill Dental Clinic, which was professional and friendly. The care was excellent and I am happy with the results.
The staff at Notting Hill Dental Clinic have been great during the entire 6 months of my Invisalign treatment. Dr Fahami explained everything really well and answered any questioned I had. I'm very happy with the results, price and overall service I have received.
Highly recommend for Invisalign treatment. Very professional, clean, efficient and very friendly staff.
My teeth are all lovely and straight now thanks to Notting hill dental clinic. I would highly recommend them, very professional and easy to deal with. I had done quite a lot of research beforehand and it certainly paid off. Thank you!
I just completed my Invisalign treatment and I was so happy with my end result. Dr Michael and Brenda were always so friendly.
A great dental clinic with friendly and knowledgeable advice. Advice is very clear and professional and none of the treatments hurt. My Invisalign was worth the effort and pain free. Slightly tedious on occasions but then you just take the aligners our for a few hours to give yourself a break. You soon feel guilty and put them back in. If you can afford it then just do it!
Amazing care and great service. I found the clinic online and after sampling a number of orthodontists, I found Dr Michael to be very patient, and his manner put me at ease. I decided to go with the treatment because I felt confident that I’d be getting value for my money and I was right! The quality of service is great and Brenda is particularly helpful, friendly and professional. I definitely recommend the Notting Hill Dental Clinic for Invisalign!
Had an absolutely fantastic experience at Notting Hill dental clinic. So friendly and welcoming throughout my treatment and delighted with the results.Couldn’t recommend any higher, I have a number of friends that are already looking into it having seen the difference.Incredible value for money, especially considering the location.
Nice experience here! Not something i would generally say about dentists but definitely left a good impression. From a personal perspective really convenient tucked out on westbourne grove. Surgery is cosy and quiet. The dentist I saw dr amini was great and really thorough. First time I actually had someone take the time and explain things so I can understand. A deserved 5 stars for this place.
Great experience! My treatment lasted 4-5 months, as I was really strict with my eating schedule. The doctor was impressed as well with my progress. The staff was excellent, especially Brenda who was nice and helpful every single time I was there! Dr Michael was beyond patient and gave me the best advices for taking care of my Aligners and finishing my treatment on time.Thank you for what you did for me and for your professionalism, I am highly impressed!
BEST DENTAL PRACTICE EVER!!!! I've been to so many dentists in the past, even on Harley St, and always had a bad experience from being overcharged to not feeling listened to or to the dentists being too painful when doing things to my teeth. Notting Hill Dental Clinic is just so different and really just everything you ever want from a dentist. It is very professional but also has that lovely family energy with Dr Michael and his wife both being the most amazing gentle dentists and lovely Brenda who is just a star! I had a 7 month Invisilign treatment here which has just completely changed my smile and I feel so much more confident. Even up to the last day I was still being a perfectionist and Dr Michael was just so lovely and really listened to me and helped me get the exact look I wanted by the time I left. I could always get an appointment on a day that suited me and it was always on time. The practice itself is beautiful. Honestly if you have any doubt in your mind go here. I have already recommended so many people to go here because they love my perfect sparkly teeth :))) Thank you to all of you!!!

Looking for new dentist in Notting Hill?

A regular dental check up is important because they help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Gum Health & Preventative Care

Patients who are managing an issue such as gum disease may need to see the dentist more frequently. The additional care is highly beneficial when you consider the enormous detriment gum disease is to your health. This condition is more than a localized infection in the mouth; it has been linked to numerous diseases, including heart and respiratory disease and dementia.

Functionally speaking, gums provide necessary support to teeth. Maintaining healthy gums means protection from preventable tooth loss and from suffering the discomfort of chronic inflammation. Tissue that has become red and swollen, that feels sore, or that bleeds when you brush and floss is tissue that is inflamed. These are signs that you need to see your dentist for care to manage the effects of oral bacteria.

Your Notting Hill Dentist understands your dental concerns and offers solutions to remedy a wide range of conditions. Preventive dentistry can help you optimize your hygiene routine so that you have the best chance of avoiding gum disease. We can work with you to decrease your risk of decay even if you are prone to cavities and to freshen your breath or diminish sensitivity.

By familiarising ourselves with your history, including medications you are taking and your lifestyle habits, we can create a dental program that is truly customised to your needs.

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