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A healthy smile is an important aspect of your self-image and quality of life. There is nothing like dental pain or missing teeth to create a distraction that makes it difficult to enjoy time with friends and family or to concentrate on your work, or even eat your food. At Notting Hill Dental Clinic, we provide a full range of care that includes the restoration of damage from decay or injury and the ongoing management of your healthy smile.

It is important to us to treat each patient with personalised care that will keep them smiling for many years. When a tooth has been damaged, we first assess the long-term potential of a tooth-coloured filling. If more extensive repair is necessary, the most appropriate form of restoration may be found in an inlay, onlay, crown, or bridge.


A dental crown is a step up from an inlay or onlay. We use crowns for restorative purposes as well as cosmetic improvement when appropriate. A crown can be designed using accurately detailed images from CAD/CAM and intraoral scanner technologies, and may be made with a metal substructure or as a completely metal-free restoration. We work around your needs to determine the most appropriate treatment for long-term beauty and function.

Some of the situations in which a crown may be used include a break or fracture in a tooth, the replacement of a large filling, or protecting a tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy. Cosmetically, a crown may create a more attractive appearance by covering a discoloured or oddly shaped tooth. Additionally, crowns are integral to tooth replacement, used both with dental bridges and with dental implant treatment.


The dental bridge is a prosthetic used to replace a missing tooth or a few missing teeth. A common type of bridge is the fixed bridge, which looks like three or more “teeth” in a single unit. At each end of the bridge is a dental crown, which will be fitted over a natural tooth to anchor the bridge. The stability gained by the teeth on each end of the empty space facilitates efficient, comfortable chewing.
We perform restorative care with an eye for lifelike appearance as well as long-term success. Contact Notting Hill Dental Clinic to schedule your visit with our friendly, experienced team.

Inlay & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are indirect fillings that are bonded to prepared tooth material for long lasting repair. These prosthetics can be made from metal-free, high quality ceramic material as well as from metal. Designed with a great deal of precision thanks to innovative CAD/CAM technology that gives us the most accurate details of tooth structure, an inlay or onlay rebuilds the sound foundation needed for chewing, comfort, and beauty.

The inlay is a restoration that fits within the chewing surface of a molar. Due to tiny, deep grooves, the surface of a tooth is incredibly vulnerable to decay. Bonding an inlay into a larger area of damage creates a lifelike structure with tight margins, which protect remaining enamel from the infiltration of bacteria. An onlay is a larger restoration that fits over the chewing surface as well as over one or more corners of a tooth, called the cusps.

With good care, both inlays and onlays can last for years.

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