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Many adults in London have not yet taken advantage of the opportunity to straighten crooked, crowded teeth. Due to the numerous effects of misalignment, this problem is best corrected promptly.

Teeth that are crowded together in the smile or do not fit against opposing teeth not only diminish the attractiveness of the smile, but they also set the stage for dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.

We are pleased to help our adult patients feel confident in their appearance with treatments designed around their needs. In many cases of cosmetic misalignment, results can be achieved using one of our orthodontic treatments; the innovative fix braces method, or Invisalign clear aligners. Depending on the extent of misalignment requiring correction, some of our patients complete a treatment program in as little as four months. More severe crowding and turning may need a little more time.

There are several complaints that may arise from misaligned teeth. Embarrassment about the appearance of the smile is a common factor that leads adults to seek orthodontic treatment. Other reasons to improve alignment include chronic headaches or jaw pain (TMJ disorder), bad breath, concerns about the facial profile, and a tendency toward decay or inflammation in soft tissue.

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At Notting Hill Dental Clinic, we provide a range of adult braces. We straighten teeth using fast, modern, and hidden techniques that get amazing results for all orthodontic cases. Begin your journey to a new, straighter smile today.

Cost of affordable Braces In London

The question asked by all-out happy patients before starting treatment is “How much do Braces Cost?”. Below we have our starting price guide for Invisalign Brace and Fixed Braces.

The treatment value may vary based on the complexity of each case. Below is a starting guide for adult braces.

At Notting Hill Dental Clinic we will provide a detailed estimate in our treatment plan, which is provided following an initial consultation.

We offer flexible payment options which can help you spread the cost of the braces treatment. Our Monthly payment plan makes it cheaper to have braces at Notting Hill Dental.

Adult Braces Cost
Invisalign i7 From £1599* discounted from £2099 – £500 OFF!
Invisalign Lite From £2395* discounted from £2895 – £500 OFF!
Invisalign Full From £2895* discounted from £3395 – £500 OFF!

*Available in 12 months 0% finance

What Braces in London are the cheapest?

The cheapest braces we offer at our London dental braces clinic are Invisalign i7 which are designed explicitly for minor tooth movement.  These braces start from £1599 for both arches. The price for Invisalign i7 single arch is £800. Learn more about cheap invisalign London braces.


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