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Clear Fixed Braces For Adults

Fixed Braces London 

Have you wished that your teeth could look straighter and be healthier, but you do not want a multi-year orthodontic plan? You’re not alone. At Notting Hill Dental Clinic, we discuss the advantages of fixed braces adult orthodontics. We invite you to explore this option with Dr. Fahami.

fixed braces system uses a clear fixed wire which is fixed to a metal bracket.

There are several issues that adults tend to have with traditional orthodontic treatment. Because of the visibility of braces, adult patients may feel self-conscious about their appearance. The duration of treatment can be another deterrent. Because the traditional method addresses the entire mouth, orthodontics may need to be worn two years or more.

Faster treatment

Our patients appreciate the accelerated orthodontic system we offer. An innovative solution to adult orthodontic issues, fixed braces has taken the best orthodontic principles and has modified treatment to be faster and more efficient.

In addition to completing treatment within months, fixed braces offers additional advantages, including:

The benefits

    • Lucid-Lok brackets are clear. Complemented by tooth-coloured wires, they blend into the smile for a discreet appearance.
    • Due to the shortened treatment time, fixed braces is an affordable solution for patients who wish to improve the appearance of their smiles.
    • The accelerated program makes it easier to manage oral health throughout the course of treatment.
    • You can change the appearance of your smile between routine dental exams and cleanings How fixed braces works.

How do they work?

With fixed braces, our patients find the solution they need to address their oral health and aesthetic concerns. This system has been designed with the adult in mind, understanding the importance of discretion. Brackets and wires that are coloured to blend in to the natural shade of enamel are affixed to the anterior teeth (those that are visible when you smile). This is the primary focal point of treatment, the appearance of the smile.

Gentle force is applied via a specially-designed wire. The continual pressure on teeth moves them into the desired position. Because the focus is on the front of the mouth only, we are able to achieve the desired result in about 1-2 years. For some patients, treatment takes only a few months; for others, as many as nine months may be needed.

A repositioning of teeth to proper alignment improves much more than appearance. The full effect of customised orthodontic care is seen in a heightened level of oral health and a better sense of self-esteem. Patients who correct misalignment often experience a renewed sense of joy and quality of life, and we love being a part of this process.

If you have teeth that are overlapping or are spaced too far apart, you may be an excellent candidate for fixed braces adult orthodontics. We are happy to consult with you about your smile and oral health concerns. Call Notting Hill Dental Clinic today.

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